the kid who was named after the forest and the sea

[ ed-mar] adjective | wealthy sea

[pee-ne-da ] noun | pine forest

Things I’m crazy about; Swings and hammocks, airports, waterfalls, trains, dogs, trees and mountain peaks

I was born and grew up in a tiny urban community in the Philippines. Having a third world passport and an itch to travel, we all have our own ways of pursuing our wanderlust dream. After realizing that life must not be lived in one place, I specified few things and set a point of reference on where I should be heading. I thought, on my next job I want to save, go to places, and work with kids. And to also express myself in the art of photography. Little do I know i'll be hitting 4 birds in one stone! You see there are millions of jobs around the world and luckily there’s always one that suits your liking and preference. And I found mine! I am currently a youth counselor on a cruise ship working with adorable kiddies!
Still in my 20’s, I plan to explore the whole of Earth, from the most secluded islands of the seven seas to the most breathtaking cities ever built. I want to experience both the great wilderness and the urban pleasures of the world. I want to meet people from all walks of life, who are different than similar, to learn cultures and be a part of it. I want to be in constant awe of everything. An ever-evolving human who is transformed by the places I’ve been.
So tag along as I venture this journey. Whether a peek through the ports or to the daring backpack tales, I'll share you the world through my personal stories. And no matter how skilled you are in traveling, I'm sure you've had a fair share of travel catastrophes and mishaps. But they sure make good stories and your travel a little more exciting! Here's a secret, wherever you are or whatever you do, under any circumstances you should make the most out of life!
This page was built for the aesthetic beauty of living and the joy of curious exploration.
Sense of direction
Willingness to try new food