Blue domes and white-washed homes

A gallery of Oia, Santorini

Ed Pineda

The first time I stepped my foot on the island of Santorini, the ship where I was working tendered ashore at an old port below Fira, the island's capital. There are no roads at this point, the only way for you is to literally go up! Either ride the cable car or you can just walk the ascending stairs with around 600 steps while steering clear of countless donkeys [which I discourage you to ride].
Once you're up in Fira, you'll have a great view of the Caldera and several ships that look like toys while savoring yourself with a Gyros and a bottle of Mythos. You can also find the best Greek frozen yogurt 'Louyo' just a few steps from the cable car!
Fira is such a beautiful sight, but if your goal is to see the most quaint part of the island where tourists take their iconic photos, you have to go to Oia. From Fira to Oia, it takes around 20-30 minutes by land or sea.
On my second time visiting the island, I was on my own and decided to do a tour. While wandering around, the local tour guide explained to us why everything is painted in white and blue and why the use of other color is very minimal. Santorini's architectural design is mainly because of its condition and environment. Majority of the structures were constructed out of dark-toned volcanic rocks. These rocks absorb heat so they painted everything in white preventing the houses from getting warm and even bearable from the summer heat. To add a little bit of contrast to white, they use 'loulaki' a cleaning powder to dye the solution into blue as it reacts easily to limestone plaster.
But beyond the classic white and blue panorama, Oia proudly banner different shades and moods, too.
Although most people say that the sunset is a must-see in the island, ships usually depart before the sun is about to set. So that is something I wanna experience and one day I'll come back and see the sunset beaming into the beauty of Santorini's stunning colors.
For now you can have my beaming smile!



What is your favorite part of Santorini? Make sure you comment it down! 

"From remnants of a massive volcanic eruption to one of the most celebrated landmarks in the world."


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Hoy ang educational nito! Ngayon kolang nalaman yung about bakit white yung paint nila. Cooool~ O ayan ha, nabasa kona first three blogs mo hihi! Looking forward sa mga next, hihi. More! More! (Syemps pag dika busy. Haha!) Take care always <3

Ed Pineda
Ed Pineda

Thank you, Leona! Wait for the next one! 🙂