Libreria Acqua Alta

One of the most beautiful bookshops you'll ever come across

Ed Pineda

Walking on maze-like streets between walls, bridges, and canals is quite amusing. With all the beautiful sites in the picturesque floating metropolis, one can't help but wonder, what else can I see in Venice?
In a city that is surrounded by water, it is a daring move to keep and establish a bookshop where there's always intermittent flooding. But Luigi Frizzo, the owner was smart enough to combat such problem. Aside from bookshelves, he installed tubs, canoes, and even a regular size gondola to keep the books safe from the rising waters. Thus he named it Libreria Acqua Alta, which in English means the library of high waters.
After a long walk, I ended up with this view. I was initially confused if it was the right one but then I saw a sign, almost rubbed off "Welcome to the most beautiful bookshop in the world." And so I came in.
Once you're inside you'll feel the quirky ambiance and at the same time an enchanting feeling of astonishment! Not just because of how unique it was built, but also what can you experience. The bookstore is a great site for collector of books, postcards, souvenirs, art pieces, and maps. These items look old and vintage, and yet full of character.
The books are spread throughout the room, and some leads outside. At the very back side are my favorite spots; the fire exit where you'll directly go straight to the water and swim your way out.
and opposite to it, you'll be greeted by the beautiful staircase made of books that will lead you overlooking the canal. The view at the top is actually similar to most landscapes in Venice, but you don't see a staircase made of books everyday, right? so that's what makes it special!
I personally think visiting Libreria Acqua Alta is a must. You'll understand that it's more than a bookshop but a work of wonder.
P.S If you're wondering how to find it, paste the address on google maps or ask the locals [Calle Longa S. Maria Formosa, 5176/b, 30122 Castello, Venezia VE, Italy].

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Awesoooome! <3 Just curious, hehe are they update with new books or just old ones?